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16 municipal schools in Guntur to get facelift under ‘Nadu Nedu’ scheme

GUNTUR: Under the second phase of the Nadu Nedu scheme, nearly 16 schools under Guntur Municipal Corporation would be a facelift.

Following the national educational policy in 2020, where the 3rd, 4th and 5th classes were merged into nearby high schools increasing the strength of all schools. Due to this, it has become very difficult to accommodate all of them with insufficient classrooms and basic amenities.

About Rs 2.62 crore has been allotted to SKBM Municipal High School in AT Agraharam with a strength of 1,700 students and Rs 2.51 crore have been allotted to SKBPMC Municipal High School in Venugopalanagar in the city as the strength has crossed12,00.

As many as 14 additional classrooms would be constructed in both schools. Along with this, additional facilities, including washrooms, a library, labs and required furniture for students and teachers would be set up in both the schools that were selected for CBSE.

Four schools from merged villages are also selected under Nadu Nedu including Potturu, Etukuru, Lalpuram and Jonnalagadda. Nine kinds of facilities, including the painting of classrooms, construction of compound walls, and washrooms, setting up fans, and lights and providing water to the students were included under the second phase of Nadu Nedu works.

The construction works are in progress and the officials are planning to finish the works by the start of the next academic year.