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Tobacco Board raises production limit in AP to 142 million kg

ONGOLE: Tobacco farmers are upbeat after the Tobacco Board, considering the increased global demand, gave its nod to increase the cultivation area for the upcoming 2022-23 season.

For the first time since 2015-16, the production limit for the Flue Cured Virginia (FCV) variety has been raised to 142 million kg from 130 million kg, while the production limit for varieties grown in the Southern Light Soil (SLS) has been raised to 89.35 million kg from 81.14 million kg.

The permission to produce 10 per cent more tobacco is significant, as the Board had been mooting the reduction of production. It also decided to increase the barn-wise area to 29 hectares from 10 hectares and production limit to 36.50 quintals from 33.20 quintals in the SLS region.

The penalty on excess production and additional area of cultivation will remain at 5 per cent of the surplus produce’s value. “After 2015-16, the Board decided to increase the area for tobacco cultivation and production limit for the next season considering the global market scenario,” Tobacco Board (trade) wing officer, P Syam Prasad said.

China, Brazil and India are the largest producers of tobacco with an annual production of 1,743 mn kg, 500 mn kg and 203 mn kg, respectively. China, however, does not export and the produce is consumed internally, while Brazil has been switching to soya bean farming