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Hijab-clad students prevented from attending classes, AIMF alleges Manusmrithi being introduced

Udupi (Karnataka) : Students miss out on attendance as they are left with little choice but to while away time in the college corridors

Muslim students of the Government PU college for girls in Udupi are missing out on attendance and classes as the school reportedly imposed a ban on the hijab, early in January. The students adorning Hijab have not been allowed to attend classes since then.

The students are left with little choice but to while away time around the campus, as they choose to cover their heads with scarves, despite the ban.

The college reportedly banned the use of Hijab, the Urdu language, and the Arabic greeting (Salaam), recently, following which the students stood outside classrooms in protest of the college’s decision.

They also are allegedly being barred from speaking in Urdu, Arabic, and Beary languages. The principal of the college, Rudhra Gauda had earlier refused to discuss the issue with the parents even though the students had mentioned that they were not being given attendance.

Gauda reportedly has claimed that the students have always been removing hijab and burqa after they enter classrooms. He says that under the insistence of some groups only a few Muslim students are making this a controversial issue.

Gauda had earlier said, “The students can wear hijabs in the school premises but not inside the classrooms. The rule is being followed to ensure uniformity in classrooms,”. He also mentioned that they would hold a parent-teacher meeting on the issue.

Reacting to the unconstitutional and saffronisation of college by College principal All India Muslim Federation (AIMF) President MA Mujeeb alleged that the College Management is acting at the instance of the RSS controlled BJP State Government and the Muslim students are protected by the constitution to wear in accordance with their religious customs and rituals to protect themselves.

Mujeeb said the college management should restrain from making the college as the RSS class room. The principal should restrain students wearing RSS or Manuwad promotion with bottu (blob) on their foreheads, and should not address namaskar in the campus but use common greetings “Good Morning”, Mujeeb an advocate at High Court said.

AIMF will take up the case with international court of justice against adequate clothing which is fundamental rights for minorities to cover their bodies if Bommai State government and Narendra Modi do not restrain from harassing Muslim minorities in the name of religious, Mujeeb added.

Mujeeb lambasted Narendra Modi’s empty slogan “Beti Bachav Beti Padav”. Modi is deliberately destroying Indian rich culture and heritage and pushing India into Manu smriti’s constitution by replacing the Present constitution, he added.

In that case our OBCs, SCs, STs students will be asked to come without adequate dress next, as they are Shudras and under RSS prosed Manusmrithi constitution they can not wear full dress.

The right to adequate clothing, or the right to clothing, is recognized as a human right in various international human rights instruments; this, together with the right to food and the right to housing, are parts of the right to an adequate standard of living as recognized under Article 11 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR). The right to clothing is similarly recognized under Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), Mujeeb reminded Bommai government.

Mujeeb asked Bommai Govt to deliver goods as per Constitution and restrain from introducing Manusmrithi.